Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Old Recipe Framed…and Baked–Ritz Biscuits!!

We rang in the New Year at the lake!  You can read about it here.

We don’t have a backsplash at the lake and that area has always looked very bare to me, so I decided to frame some old recipes in thrift store frames I had saved. 



Two of the recipes came from Mrs. Conley, an elderly woman we met years ago and befriended until her death.  She gave us some of her handwritten recipes as well as some other memorabilia.  The other recipe was written by my grandmother…it’s not even a recipe really, just the ingredients.



I don’t really remember my grandmother making these Ritz Biscuits.  Her sister, Aunt Myrt, made them often.  She would call to say she had a pan of them ready for us to pick up.  Her house smelled like yeast and baked bread!  The biscuits would be folded over, uncooked, and lined up neatly on a baking sheet.  When cooked, they were light and delicious.



I’ve had this recipe for a very long time…since my grandmother passed away in 1993…but I had never tried to make them myself.  Until this past weekend, that is! 

The batter was easy to mix and to roll out after rising.  Mine didn’t look uniform and neat like Aunt Myrt’s, but they tasted so good…just like I remember!  I will definitely continue carrying on this family tradition!


I’m not sure why they are called Ritz biscuits…I googled the name and found out that they are also called Angel biscuits. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planned Projects

We are heading to the lake this weekend...amid high school football games and voice lessons and a haircut, of course. But I am looking forward to spending some time there anyway. One reason for that is to visit with my sewing machine! Having our house for sale means that it needs to stay neat (relatively speaking) so I left any possible sewing to be done at the lakehouse. Lately though, I have been in a mood to sew so she may have to come home with me on Sunday! I am hoping to sew a little this weekend, too.

I have several projects planned. I'll only give some gifts for two of My Darlin' Person's coworkers whose wives are having babies this week, bandana dresses, and pillows - one for our bed at the lake and others using some old bank bags that I recently found in a closet!

Hope you're intrigued and hope telling you will hold me accountable to finish them soon!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Thrifty Idea: From Tacky Plaque to Vintage Bird Art

I’m sure everyone has seen the old plaques
that look like wood slices and that have a photo
of Jesus or a famous painting decoupaged on them…..


And many have possibly have seen this idea in Country Living magazine….


Well, I needed some inexpensive art for our newly renovated
master bathroom at the lake, so I had the idea to transform
those tacky plaques into something pretty!

I originally did an exact copy of the Country Living idea,
but it didn’t really go with anything else in my decor…


I have a bird theme going in this bathroom and knew I wanted to use
bird photos or
silhouettes for this project. I searched the internet
for bird silhouettes to paint on them,
but I didn’t find any that really appealed to me.

I also thought I needed a little more color on the walls.

I painted over the flat surface of each plaque with
a cream color that we used on the master bedroom walls.

I downloaded some great vintage bird graphics from the Graphics Fairy

and after cutting them out, decoupaged them onto the plaques…

Then I used some burnt umber glaze to age them…


And although the photos don’t really show it well,
they definitely warm up the potty room wall…


For more info on our master bath renovation,
please visit the

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