Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is It Spring Yet? Sure Seems Like It Here!

I know some of the country is cold and snowy or rainy, but here in the South, the weather is so great that we think it's Spring already! Today was sunny and around 70 degrees by lunchtime. Our family got up early this morning to go yard-saling. My Darlin' Person and I were more enthusiastic than our daughters were at 6:30 am when we got them up, but they tolerated it and ended up having fun, too!
I had checked the newspaper and mapquested our route last night, then we also used the GPS in my car. Do you have GPS? Ours has a female voice, and we call her "Lola" (from the movie RV, remember?). Sometimes she is more trouble than help...we drove around in circles a couple of times because of her!!
I guess we stopped at a total of 10 yard sales...only one was really worthwhile though. Most of them were selling a lot of clothes and toys. But one sale had some interesting home decor items and name brand clothes that were perfect for the girls! I think I paid too much per item for most of the things I bought, but we only spent $25 for most of them plus another $12 for the clothes, so that's reasonable, I think. See if you they are except the clothes...

Don't know what this thing is supposed to be, but it looks rustic and is heavy...of course, when I got home, I wasn't sure where to put it!!
My Favorite Younger Daughter (FYD) wanted the "Go Away" keep her older sister out of her room, no doubt! I liked the color of the green plate/candle holder...may take it to the lake. And had to have the pkg. of fish napkins for the lake...I drink Diet Coke like a fish!
The black and white makeup bag is for FYD...she loves black and white toile and makeup! The brown item is a metal rose hook...I love anything in bronze metal...who knows where I'll use it!

And finally, my most expensive item...three rusted metal Christmas trees. I thought $15 was too much, but they were rusted metal!!! Had to have them!
We saw some beautiful homes as we drove from sale to sale, and we had the camera with us just in case we saw some cool ideas...

Hard to see in this photo, but this painted brick has been acid-washed or something...I think the house we want to buy would look great with the same treatment.

Also the narrow, double doors on this house are just the idea I have had for the house we want...right now it has floor-length windows leading out to back yard from the living room, but door similar to these would not only look good but would allow access to the back from that room.

We also saw this house is hard to see in this picture, but the right portion is completely covered in it!

We finished our treasure hunting by 11:00, had an early lunch, and went home. The girls may not have enjoyed the "shopping" too much, but we all laughed and joked around enough to build some good memories, I think!


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time! We're having about the same weather here in Dallas...70 degrees! Nope, we do not have a GPS. We still use Mapquest for new directions. lol!

    I think you got some pretty good items for $25! Love the "Go Away" sign. I would have gotten that for myself.

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh, it was so nice and warm here all weekend long. I really wanted to throw on a pair of shorts, but I was afraid my white legs might scare people away!

    You found some really great finds for a good price, too! You just never knew what you might come across at a yard sale! Happy Monday!

  3. That's way to early for me but sounds like you had a great time. We had a house that was white brick that was acid washed in our old neighborhood and I LOVED it. It's such a neat look!


  4. Great buys!

    I can't believe you've been on 4 safaris!! you are SOOO lucky!!!

  5. Hey Robin, I have always loved the white wash brick look...and the crazy vine look...very cool. :)

  6. Good morning Robin :)

    It sounds like you had a great time and I think you did pretty good for that amount of money!

    Those home are beautiful!



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